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The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

Over winter we were restless one weekend morning. So, to burn energy into something productive, we filled the 4x4 with 6 loads of spider ridden metalwork and took the contents of the greenhouse to the skip. Oh, and to combat the thousands of spiders that inhabited my car afterwards, I set off a dozen smoke bombs to chase them out from beneath my seat. 


The space measures around 6x8ft. It's an old construction and some of the panes fell during storm Desmond.

Once the space was clear, we scrubbed and hoovered and instilled a new lease of life into the outdoor room. Now, it's one of our favourite spaces and is producing a bounty of great fruit and veg. We can't keep it though, we've got it for another few months and then it will become the side wall of the extension and a long wall of folding doors will stand in it's place. Although, I've been looking into either moving this one or building a new one at the bottom of the garden so it won't be entirely lost. 

Outside the beautiful bountiful rose bushes left by the wonderful previous owner are in full bloom, attracting little birds and bees and smelling utterly luscious. 

There are two types, one of which is vibrant pink and has the most beautiful scent. 

I pick them by the bucketload, delivering vases to neighbours and filling every room with the cheerful blooms and they just keep on producing and sprouting more and more. 

Like everything in the home, it's all a work in progress, I spend so much time in the outdoor room that I've placed chunks of high vibe crystals for when I sit meditating or writing in an evening. 

A part of me wants to upgrade the pots and tools for a beautiful matching set, but right now, priorities are finance and mobilising cash for the works. 

...although the annual plug purchases of chillies from Sea Spring Seeds in Dorset is certainly at the top of the priority list! 

I've also got trainloads of vegetables on the grow. 

Kale, Chard, Tomatoes, Fennel are all growing strong in planters all along the windowsill. 

Each evening we potter around, catching up on the day and tending to the little sprouts. 

...and bigger sprouts for that matter! These chillies have grown like crazy in the greenhouse! 

With high temperatures in the little glasshouse, we're constantly watering and feeding the plants with added nutrients. 

...while also feeding ourselves with delicious fresh teas. I've been deliberately growing nettles for the luxury of fresh tea. In the garden itself a whole bed is filled with mint and recently I've been running out of packs of mint tea, cursing then realising, it's all outside for the taking! 

(See that giant bruise on my knee ^^ in a complacent game of see saw... I lost!)

Simple, small luxuries are definitely a key to surviving not just the chaos of renovation, but also the chaos of daily life. 

If you're a seasoned gardening expert let us know, and if you have an insta account send us a link - we're always looking for great inspiration! 

The great thing about growing is that no matter what size the space, there are great little solutions. Elho's Corsica range is robust, functional and pretty good looking (no this is not a sponsored post!) and I adore the colours. Infact it's extremely affordable too... I've got a load of hanging baskets - which if you've seen the bluetit in our insta post earlier in the week you'll know that they act as great landing stations for the little birds too. 

Wanna get the look? I've put a few favourites below for you!

Amazon were pretty cool and offered us an affiliate account with them, this means that we keep a very tiny percentage of anything purchased below. It doesn't impact what you pay, it just means a tiny bit less profit for Amazon. 

Shop the look (and tag @pointersend in any new purchases!) 

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