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Clearing the ground for the driveway

Clearing the ground for the driveway

After a few hours in the garden with a sledgehammer we let Apollo out and he was not impressed with our efforts... Infact, let's be honest - he was disappointed that we removed his favourite "pee tree." 

Sorry Apollo. 

Anyway, we had a whole lot of clearance to work through ready to prepare the base for the new driveway. As mentioned before, the previous owner did everything to 100%  and didn't cut corners when it came to heavy quantities of concrete. As we cleared there is a whole lot heavy rubble below the grassline... 

June 2017 -16-2.jpg
June 2017 -17-2.jpg

The area had some concrete pathways and a large slab beside a huge shrub which in the earlier summer months I relaished as a little suntrap with my early morning coffee. 

June 2017 -19-2.jpg

Also... we discovered that the washingline post was pretty well grounded in - by 0.5m of concrete infact! 

June 2017 -28-2.jpg

In these instances I know my limits, I simply cannot lift heavy rubble. My limit is a 50kg pull up if I'm on top form, worst case if I'm sport climbing and the fall is scarier than the grab, I can just about pull my own body weight. 

Andrew and his father though, continuously astound me. 

The two of them are incredibly strong and have a great working rhythm with one another. 

June 2017 -6-2.jpg

Which is great because while I flap around with a camera occasionally pointing and often running to retrieve tools upon request. 

Anyway, they did a great job and I couldn't be more proud. 

June 2017 -18-2.jpg
June 2017 -20-2.jpg
Finding the Caravan

Finding the Caravan

Clearing the old feature walls

Clearing the old feature walls