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Progress Update // Guest Room, Victorian Terrace Renovation

Progress Update // Guest Room, Victorian Terrace Renovation

The guest room was the next one that we tackled after the main bedroom. 

Initially it was a room that didn't particularly grab me. In my mind it was always going to be the room sacrificed if we were granted planning permission to construct upwards and adjust the very steep staircase. 

As with the main bedroom, whilst removing wallpaper, the plasterboard completely collapsed. It all seemed very dramatic at the time - with loud crashes and bangs as it all came down. 

Again though, the brickwork reminded me of the loft. We agreed to leave it exposed, however as it is an external wall and with no cavity insulation, in the long term we would need to replaster it to meet building regs. 

The woodworm in this room in particular appeared incredibly extensive and the treatment took most of the day to fully cover the area. 

The old original Victorian nails were somewhat intriguing to me and we kept a pile of them. Perhaps we'll frame them or commission a local artist to do something with them as a little sculpture to pay homage to the history of the property. 

The room is slightly larger than the other. It contains a little cupboard above the stairs which was also stripped out. Also in the room there is a large cupboard which encases the chimney breast and the heating boiler, so the space is not entirely used to its full potential.

Andrews parents worked tirelessly, and we're so immensely grateful! On many of the days I had to work and get to client meetings just after moving so couldn't be that much help - not that I'm particularly competent with power tools. After a few days they had transformed the space - like the main bedroom and it felt completely different. 

It then enabled us to move from the downstairs room upstairs into a complete space which most certainly felt like a haven. 

In the first few weeks we used the space as a living room, with a few single seats and TV on the floor. The more time I spent in the room, watching out onto the rolling fields, watching the red kites soar over the garden, the more I felt utterly comfortable in it. 

As with any space, I took into account the feng shui of the existing space, adding elements into the areas where remedies are needed, and before long it felt like a warm, happy and complete environment. 

So come on in... 

I'll pop the kettle on, and you head upstairs for a nose around the new space. Actually - fancy some bubbly? You're more than welcome to crash here! Jut be warned though - Apollo and Aura will try their best to sneak in and keep your feet warm at the foot of the bed! 

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